Media Literacy Education is a vast theme, and involves a wide range of actors (Schools and teachers, NGOs, public bodies and policy makers, social and youth workers, media and journalists, computing…). It is therefore important to gather all these individuals and organizations to share, deepen and expand the expertise and good practices related to media and information. In order to do so, various events are organized within the frame of ReNews project, both in partner’s respective countries, and online.

You are interested to join one of our events? Then, you are at the right place: all the information related to ReNews’ events is on this page.

Media and digital literacy eduaction: themes, stakes and implementation

The seminar will take place in Paris, at the Maison Montmartre Hotel (18th arrondissement). The event is entirely free of charge (including lunch and snacks), but requires registration (see below).

Foreign participants are entitled to reimbursement of transport costs (up to 150 euros), as well as a hotel night and dinner on site.

The programme will include lectures and discussions on Media and Information Literacy (MIL); feedback from students, trainers and organisers of the ReNews project; presentation and distribution of the pedagocial resources produced and, last but not least, training workshops.

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