Press review :
SOS Group, 30 September 2021

ReNews: an innovative european project in the field of media literacy


In recent years, the digital media environment has been deeply transformed by the new uses of the Internet and the key role social media now play in democratic debate. While these upheavals are an undeniable progress for freedom of expression and information,  they also come with many dangers, to which young people are particularly vulnerable, such as disinformation, conspiracy theories, filter bubbles and echo chambers.

 A transnational partnership


A year ago, the ReNews project was born to address this situation: five partners joined  forces with the support of the European Union to help students take advantage of these new  means of expression and information, and to protect them against the dangers of the  Internet : Assfam-Artemis SOS Group (France), Mouvement Up SOS Group (France), The  Institute For Strategic Dialogue (United Kingdom), Civis Polonus (Poland), and Tink  (Turkey).


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