Boosting the local educational network in Turkey

November 11, 2021


How to build up a strengthened and active educational network in Turkey? Both an introduction to ReNews methodology and tools, along with practical implementation workshops, will intend to answer this ambitious question. Participants from all horizons will gather to learn, exchange, discuss and work on the construction of this network which aims at empower young Turkish citizens against cyber-harassment, hate speech and conspiracy theories.

Organizing structure

TINK, Turkey’s first Technology upper secondary school. Technology driven school, it trains its student to become skillfull creators and producers of information and media messages.


About a hundred of stakeholders will be invited to take part (local to national public bodies’ representatives such as regional directorates of Ministry of National Education, but also NGOs, media, teachers, youth workers, youth and parents…)


November 11, 2021. The event will take place over the course of an entire day.


A conference will introduce and further develop ReNews expertise on Media Literacy Education, and present its complete pedagogical toolkit.

Meanwhile, an animated and guided workshop will focus on training the participants to implement these keys. It will more specifically focus on ways to adapt and implement the training of teachers in Turkey, in order for them to deliver MLE workshops to students in their own institutions.


The link to sign up will be soon communicated.



December 4, 2021

Media and digital literacy eduaction: themes, stakes and implementation

The seminar will take place in Paris, at the Maison Montmartre Hotel (18th arrondissement). The event is entirely free of charge (including lunch and snacks), but requires registration (see below).

Foreign participants are entitled to reimbursement of transport costs (up to 150 euros), as well as a hotel night and dinner on site.

The programme will include lectures and discussions on Media and Information Literacy (MIL); feedback from students, trainers and organisers of the ReNews project; presentation and distribution of the pedagocial resources produced and, last but not least, training workshops.


October 1, 2021

Public libraries: a space for Media Literacy Education

What if public libraries were also a place to train and raise young cyber-citizens?