Beyond Media Literacy Education: creating online civic engagement

December 4, 2021


Developing Media Literacy capacities of educational practitioners at a large scale: this is the main goal ReNews has in sight. To do so, this event will allow to disseminate on a transnational basis ReNews concrete expertise. Round tables, interactive workshops, testimonies and presentation of our tools will lay the foundation to build up an international network of proactive MLE practitioners.

Organizing structure

ARTEMIS Groupe SOS Solidarités. Acting in the field of prevention of radicalization, this NGO develops educational projects to promote dialogue between cultures, to fight against prejudice, and to deconstruct approaches linked to conspiracy theory.


About 60 participants, both from the local and international network, will be invited to take part (students, high school and middle school teachers, socio-educational professionals and any professionals with an interest to develop MLE activities in their institution).


December 4, 2021. The event will take place over the course of an entire day.


Multiple workshops will be organized in parallel, emphasizing the different results and pedagogical resources ReNews has produced. Each of these workshops will explore one specific topic: web magazines creation, audio-visual contents production, online social campaigns development, etc.

Various actors directly involved by ReNews project will intervene: some students will present their digital achievement, and teachers and other professional will share their own experience, lessons learned and recommendations.

Facilitated in English, this transnational event will aim at exchanging good practices, but also creating opportunities in between all the present and future actors of MLE.


The link to sign up will be soon communicated.



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